December 2, 2010 WOE Staff

Motorbike and Bibles At Work In South Sudan

Pastor Sosthen works in the rural areas of South Sudan. One of the first pastors we met and worked through on our first trip, Sosthen identified the many needs of the villagers in Lui. His passion for the body of Christ combined with his love to help others is an inspiration to us and others who have had the privilege of meeting him. It’s been a few years since Sosthen guided us through Lui in the original With Open Eyes documentary and on Thanksgiving Day, we received his pictures, proudly on his new motorbike and distributing the Bibles that we were able to provide thanks to your help. Today, he continues to travel, teaching and distributing Bibles, as he prepares villagers for the upcoming referendum election. The impact these gifts will make is tremendous and we are honored that the Lord provided so that we were able to equip this fine leader!

Sosthen on his way to train youths and layreaders in Lui, Sudan.

Distributing Bibles during a 5 day training at the local church.

Students at the primary school receiving their Bibles.

Pastor Sosthen at Wiroh church

Distributing Bibles during youth training at Wiroh Church

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  1. Tim Powell

    It is just amazing to see believers in other parts of the world. It reminds me that this Christmas Season is not just for me and my family and friends, but for all of our wonderful brothers and sisters around the world. Praise God for His amazing love.

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