July 14, 2012 WOE Staff

N. Kenya Pathfinder Report #1

“Africa is more than you could imagine.  We are changing in so many ways due to the love of the people here and their faith.  We receive live rabbits and chickens today as special gifts to each of us after a visit.  Even though they had no shoes on their feet, they gave us what they had.  Laylaa actually took off her shoes and gave them to the church elder who was so thrilled and overwhelmed.  Every place we go is hard to get to and our van literally had to be lifted out of the mud by the villagers (and Luke) to get out.  We are covered in mud after most days and tired but ready to go again.  This picture is from yesterday where we were a part of river baptism’s by the mobile messengers….I miss home- my bed, hot water, Internet, and so on but at the same time, it is so unique to see what we are seeing and be a part of so much love and welcoming people.” – Pathfinder Leader, Kitale, N. Kenya

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