February 5, 2014 WOE Staff

Ngengeka Church Rebuilding – UPDATE

Thanks to many generous donors like you, the Ngengeka Church in Kenya under the leadership of Mobile Messenger Pastor Duncan, is in the final stage of rebuilding. Scroll down to see the progress and transformation! (Click here if you missed the story)

The community is so grateful to God for always providing and  to With Open Eyes’ generous donors. They ask that you will continue to pray for them as they rebuild and share the Good News of Jesus Christ in and around their community.




Pastor Duncan and his church community hard at work. The rain helped in giving them the water they needed to form the bricks.



UPDATED PICTURES – February 2014

IMG_0491IMG_0492IMG_0727 IMG_0688

churchprogress churchprogress4 churchprogress7 churchprogress9 churchprogress2churchprogress9 churchprogress7 churchprogress4 churchprogress


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  1. Ben Barasa

    Thanks and glory be to God for this wonderful job done by men of God , please keep up in the ministry

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