April 25, 2016 Tommy Mcbride

No Grace

Imagine living a life without grace. It’s not a life we can easily understand.

I learned something earlier today that I’d never known before. I met with a former Muslim Imam who is now engaged in a great work for Christ, making His grace to shine in dark places where the people have only known fear and religious oppression. As we talked about the goodness of God and His great grace toward us, this pastor told me, “In the languages of all of the predominantly Muslim nations, there is no word for grace. They do not even know the concept.”

In many of the countries where With Open Eyes’ Mobile Messengers are working, they are actively opposed by local Islamic leaders. Our five newest Mobile Messengers are former Muslims who have been trained and equipped to go back into some potentially dangerous outlying areas in their country to shine the light of Jesus to those who have never heard of the God of grace.

Please pray for these and all of our Mobile Messengers as they travel about to share the good news of the gospel. Pray for protection and for open doors and open hearts to receive the grace of God in Jesus. Also, please consider generously supporting With Open Eyes so we can continue to provide the means to carry the message of grace to the unreached.


– Tom Burger