December 12, 2012 WOE Staff

November Mobile Messengers Reports

“Here in the new church in Yei, the attendance is now ranging between 70 to 75 people every Sunday. This number includes children who are great in number, the youth and the elderly. Most of the youth and the elderly are saved. I got my ‘Timothy’ that I am now mentoring to become the pastor of the church in the near future. The motorbike is helping me much.” – South Sudan Mobile Messenger Joshua

“Want to thank you all for your support in praying  for the  women conference at Ngatataek, it was such a success! God really manifested himself and ministered to the people, Many women joined the ministry. Thanks and God Bless” – Agnes Kariuki, Cities of Refuge Ministries – Kenya

“I praise God for His protection and amazing love and sufficient grace. The month of November was such a challenging month full of fear and tension. It started with the heavy fighting in our neighboring villages of Kibumba in Congo DRC. We had to deal with bombs and gunshots some crossing over to our side and then the issues of refugees fleeing to our village. I was busy ministering to physically and spiritually to those who were seeking refuge to our villages. I thank God for the motorcycle which allowed me to minister to these people.

After the capture of the villages and Goma town of North Kivu Province, the situation became a little calm, and most refugees left our village to go back home or to displaced peoples camps in DRC. I went on and conducted a major outreach event in Buringo where over 345 men gathered to listen to the Gospel. I thank God for 67 men and women who made a decision to give their lives to Christ.

A week later, my village was attacked by rebels and fought with the army for a while; my family and neighbors all left our homes temporarily. We thank God that the situation is back to normal and we have returned to our homes.” – Rwanda Mobile Messenger Jean R.

I praise God for the success of my ministries in November 2012. The month was full of uncertainty and fear as people were preoccupied by the war in Congo DRC but we praise God that wherever we travelled, we managed to minister to a good number of people. In addition to my other regular ministry activities, the major events for November 2012 were two followup evangelistic campaigns held at Gihorwe and Kabaya.  There are about 2 hours  motorcycle ride to move from my home to Gihorwe and usually there is not even a public transportation bus available. I thus thank God for the motorcycle donated by WOE which was very vital in the success of logistics and execution of these two major events.

In the two places, we were able to reach over 750 people with the Gospel and we thank God for all those who are responding to the Gospel. Praise God for 145 men and women who gave their lives to Christ as a direct result of these events. Praise God for the support of brothers and sisters in Christ from these places who were so helpful and put in all efforts to work hand in hand with me to reach these people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord. -Rwanda Mobile Messenger Amos

“The slum church with a team of soccer/football that is winning all the time in their games. Many young have come to church and ministered through sports.” – Kenya Mobile Messenger Enoch

“Greetings in the Mighty Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I thank God for the gift of life and for this golden opportunity to share a brief update of my WOE ministry involvement for November 2012.

My village was one of the villages attacked by rebels in the course of the month of November and we are also neighboring the DRC zone where was has and is still going on in some parts. We had many displaced people from Congo and I thank God that I was able to minister to many of them by mobilizing brothers and sisters in Christ to provide some temporal shelter for some of these people in need. Many of these men and women have returned to their home while some had no choice but to go to displaced peoples camps. In my village, peace is back as the rebels were overpowered by government troops and left our villages. We thank God for His protection over us.

I however, managed to minister in Buhumba and Busasamana villages where I spoke to men and women and thank God for 74 men and women who made a decision to surrender their lives to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

I do not complain for the long 6 hours I had to walk to reach these villages with the Gospel. I’m praying and waiting and looking forward to the day when the Lord will provide a motorcycle to easen my ministry activities.” – Rwanda Mobile Messenger Jean Baptiste



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