November 17, 2011 WOE Staff

November Travel Blog Update #3 Mwingi, Kenya

Reports From The Field – Mwingi, Kenya

We love visiting our partners on the ground and having necessary meetings to improve our service to them.  However, days out with Mobile Messengers are always the most powerful.  Ultimately, they are the lifeline to people in difficult places to reach and not one of them is forgotten by God.  They count and He knows each and every one of them.  Today, we witnessed, once again the power of a motorcycle combined with the compassion of a messenger whose heart is broken by the same things that break the heart of God.  It was a huge reality check once again and their humility touched us beyond comprehension.

We left Nairobi in the morning and drove 3.5 hours east to an area known as Mwingi.  Within the region, there are various villages and these were by far, the most remote parts of Kenya we have ever experienced. The mobile messenger who was taking us throughout his area, Charles, informed us that within the region of Mwingi, most were from the Kambr people group.  This tribe is most known for worshipping idols.  He even pointed out the mountain where they would go to offer sacrifices.  The villages are very poor, the people are very hungry, yet God’s grace covers them despite the lack of basic human needs.  This area is also extremely primitive.  It’s about as comparable to areas of Sudan where we’ve traveled before.  If you’re looking for the ultimate, extreme, off-road experience – this is definitely it, but be prepared to go the way only a few dare to go – in a matatu!

Charles took us to 4 churches that he planted.  The first one was planted by foot, and the others he planted with the motorbike.  He is currently training other leaders to continue to disciple those churches as he continues to go out and find ways to take the gospel to the farthest areas he can reach.  The last church we visited, was just at the border of where many Somali refugees are currently staying.  Charles and the other “potential mobile messengers” as he calls them, are committed to claim all that land for Jesus Christ.  Today, they modeled for us that we should not only proclaim the good news, but we should ‘be’ the good news also – modeling Jesus’ love.  In a few of the churches they have started, one of the things that stood out the most was the number of women holding leadership positions at those churches.  They were so humble and as they shared with us, it became apparent that they struggle in so many of the same ways women in America do: 1.) Their walk with the Lord is much stronger than their husbands, making them the spiritual leader in their households and 2.) the husbands are sometimes finding work in far away areas just to try and provide their daily bread so they take on leadership in their churches, schools and within their communities.  We reminded them that God is faithful and encouraged them to stay strong in their walk with Christ, believing by faith that God would use the Jesus in them to touch their husbands.  We prayed for their crop to fully harvest.  Year after year, they plant crops and maybe get a rain or two per season.  In the past, they stand and watch their hard work dry up as their plants die before they fully harvest due to the lack of rain.  Today, the crop was lush and green and we prayed with all of our hearts that THIS year, now that the good news has arrived, that the Lord would allow their plants to fully harvest so that they all would know if it did, that it happened because we prayed, He provided and He would receive all the glory.  Please help us to continue to pray for favor and blessing and harvest within the communities and hearts surrounding Mwingi, and for mobile messengers around the world.

God bless you!


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