November 18, 2011 WOE Staff

November Travel Blog Update #4 Rwanda

In the field with Mobile Messengers – Rwanda!

We landed in Rwanda today – the land of a thousand hills and we are all already huge fans.  The land is absolutely beautiful and the people couldn’t be more welcoming.  We were greeted by our partner who currently has 15 mobile messengers trained.  5 of them have been equipped with motorbikes so far and they are on fire to share the gospel of Christ.  We spent most of the afternoon, listening to his heart as he shared his vision to share Christ throughout Rwanda.  He shared with us that they have seen many things changing since our partnership with them.  He also shared much history with us about Rwanda, the peoples and tribes and also, the horrific genocide that occurred there in the min-90’s.  He explained that in most countries, tribes and people groups always have their own, ‘mother tongue’, or language.  However, in Rwanda, the Hutu, Tutsi and Toi tribes all speak the same mother tongue.  What he was trying to explain is that they were once united.  There was a day that they were one and this is the only way they could all speak the same language.  It was politics and people that divided them.  Today, he feels confident that they will accomplish their goal – to bring unity under Christ back to Rwanda and I believe they’ll do it.  They no longer classify themselves by tribe labels, rather as Rwandans!

Right after the horrific genocide in the mid 90’s, he struggled in trying to understand how Rwanda claimed to be a Christian country, yet the same people who called themselves Christians killed so many of their brothers and sisters.  That’s when he knew that the only way to bring about reconciliation was to change hearts.  Ananie has planted 48 churches since he began his ministry.  Today, he is building an incredible team to carry out the message of Christ all over Rwanda.  We had the opportunity to hear form them at our dinner and they amazed me with their stories.  One mobile messenger shared that he used to walk 6-7 hours, one way, daily to go and disciple churches.  He said his legs hurt so much and his shoes wore out so quickly.   It was so humbling.

He is working with various denominations to ensure that they unite and move forward together.  Tomorrow, we will visit the new churches started by Mobile Messengers since they received their cycles.  I know it will be a blessing!

CLICK HERE to view more pictures of the team in Rwanda.

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