November 16, 2011 WOE Staff

November Travel Blog Update #2 Namanga, Kenya

In The Field With Mobile Messengers

Site Visit – Namanga, Kenya

After a few days of meetings in Nairobi, our team finally made it out to the field with our partner in Southern Kenya.  Once again, the drive reminded us of the world of people in hard to reach areas.  As we arrived in Namanga, our first stop alongside the Mobile Messengers there was a climb – up to Prayer Mountain to pray with village mamas.  As we made the climb to join the mamas that meet weekly , the closer we got, we began to hear their praise and to hear their prayers.  I don’t think I was fully prepared to embrace the magnified presence of the Holy Spirit that was so clearly present.  As we climbed to the top, their chants and worship grew louder and louder and as soon as we made it to the top, they opened their circle of prayer for us to join them.  We embraced and joined hands and within a minute or two, tears flowed freely, uncontrollably from our faces.  It felt as if the Lord Himself embraced all of us in that circle. Those mamas left everything behind to seek the face of Jesus on that mountain and I don’t think I will ever forget that.  We prayed for our families, our ministries, our nations and our communities.  I was overwhelmed at hearing from them that they pray for With Open Eyes – always, daily and as we united in prayer, we also committed to pray for one another and not forget the moment we spent on the rocks, on top of the mountain.

Next, our ministry partner hosted us for a home cooked lunch at his home and then we visited a local school often visited by Mobile Messengers to share love with the children.  They were so, so beautiful and their excitement to see that visitors from America was overwhelming.

Our next stop was to Namanga Baptist Church to celebrate the ground breaking for their new church building.  We have visited Namanga Baptist Church many times before.  Our co-founder, James Harrison was a member there so it was extra special to have his sister Caroline, who is traveling with us, break ground.

Our ministry partner in Southern Kenya, Cities of Refuge Ministries, was founded by Simon & Agness Kariuki so we made a stop to their new office in Namanga.  They are so amazed at the blessings the Lord has given them this year as they worked so hard to grow the Kingdom.  Simon reminded me again, in his simple but powerful words, what our partnership is all about:  “You support us with motorbikes, we’ll do the work and God will be glorified!”

Finally, we visited the Massai family of one of Simon’s Mobile Messengers, Daniel.  Daniel is attending the basic motorcycle safety and maintenance training being hosted by our friends at JAARS in Kitale, Kenya this week so we wanted to make sure and stop by see his family.  They surprised us with Massai jewelry. It was awesome.

After a very long but blessed day, we departed back to Nairobi to prepare for Mwingi tomorrow.  A day in the field with a Mobile Messenger.  These are always our proudest and most humbling moments and we are so excited!

God bless and thank you for your prayers!


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