November 20, 2013 WOE Staff

October Mobile Messenger Reports


“I am not only greeting you in Jesus name but also taking this as an opportunity to let you know that Mobile Messengers are clearly sharing the Gospel with friends, families and the community as well.

By using evangelistic tools you donated to us, we are certainly watching God changing our nation in mysterious ways and the Gospel is presented with life changing testimonies.

I am joyful to the Lord because the partnership between WOE and Church of Faith in Rwanda is remarkably affecting God’s Kingdom. We give all the glory to God to keep using Mobile Messengers with boldness in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in and out of Rwanda.

It is our prayer and trust that the Lord will also enable and guide our Mobile Messengers who are ministering to the internally displaced people in DR Congo.

I therefore request you to keep praying for our Mobile Messengers who are ministering to people in Eastern Congo (DRC). They are preaching to the people who left their homes due to the war. People are starving in camps without hope, food and other basic needs in life.” – Pastor Ananie, Church of Faith Rwanda


“The team and I directed an evangelistic ministry in 3 sectors we haven’t yet evangelized before. We showed the Jesus film and 1,807 people attended and 227 people gave their lives to Christ.  We moved on to another area and shared about Christ from house to house, and the Lord brought 99 people to Himself.

In a third area, we targeted youth by using soccer ministry and 61 young people received Christ as Lord and Savior.  We have assisted these new believers to find churches with sound doctrine in their neighborhood.  Thank you for your continuing support!” – Mobile Messenger, Rwanda


“Receive greetings from the bottom of our heart!

The Lord has been so good to us as we sow the seed of hope to the internally displaced people in Eastern DRC (Congo).  The insecurity is still in this region due to sabotage between M23 rebels and the government which happens from time to time.  We are not certain when people will return to their homes. On the other hand, we trust upon the Lord to bring a holistic transformation in this region in His due time.

Life is not friendly in the camps. People are not getting enough basic needs in life.  In the midst of this situation, the Lord has been giving us suitable message to share with widows, widowers and orphans as well. Indeed, the people we are serving are recognizing the sovereignty of God in their situation.

In October, we evangelized 1841 in all camps and the Lord saved 412 persons.

We call upon you to team up with us in prayers for these people to get enough food. It is unfortunate that children are dying due to malnutrition and grown up people are dying as well.  God who heard the cry of the Israelites, is able to respond to our worries at his appointed time.” – Mobile Messenger, DR Congo



A With Open Eyes Women’s mission team went to Kenya in 2012 to minister to the Mobile Messenger church communities. The two main focuses were children’s and women’s ministry. One of the leaders, Miss Jackie, was a huge contributor to many of the props left there for continued use by the Mobile Messengers. See the pictures below of a recent outreach with Mobile Messenger Cosmas.

Above: MM Cosmas and Agnes (Pastor Simon’s wife) on the way to the church

Above: Teaching about Noah’s Ark

Above: The Rainbow!

Again, we can’t stop to thank the WOE for the wonderful gifts for the kids.

The kids were very happy and occupied.

Above: Kids coloring

It was a blessing for the kids in everything from coloring, blowing of baloons and learning the way of the cross. We pray that the same group from WOE can visit us again. Thank you. You left a legacy. Also our thanks goes to Miss Jackie for the wonderful foot prints she left and WOE for facilitating the coming of visitors.



Recently, thanks to our generous donors, With Open Eyes provided equipment to further the reach of the Gospel. Ministry Partner and Board Member Pastor Simon declared, “The gospel gadgets!! – the speaker and the amplifier – everyone will hear the voice. You may not be near but you can’t miss out on the voice !!”


Above: “People turned out in large numbers – including the kids – thanks again to WOE for the speakers.”

Above: “In our praise and worship, we had locals and the daughter of our Mobile Messenger. They played it very well. Pastor Daniel preached and the wife of Mobile Messenger Cosmas interpreted into their native language.

Above: “People even sat at the road side to listen to the gospel and turned out in large numbers at night to watch the Jesus film –  Glory be to God. Thanks to WOE for supporting us.”

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