November 21, 2012 WOE Staff

October Mobile Messenger Reports

“There was also a demon possessed woman “Uzamukunda Bernadette” who was brought to the meeting for prayers and we laid our hands on her and asked God to heal and deliver her in the Name of Jesus Christ. We praise God she was delivered from the demons and she is praising God.” – Mobile Messenger Rwanda

“We did extensive outreach meetings in Bweramana, Rwinyana, Mukingi, and Kumunyinya. We reached and ministered to 685 people during the month. We praise God for those who came and for 82 who surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The roads were muddy and rough due to heavy rains in October but we thank God for journey mercies and for With Open Eyes for the gift of a motorcycle. I could not have managed to reach these villages and organize such outreach campaigns without transportation.” – Mobile Messenger Jean in Rwanda

Prison ministry in Kitui Government Prison and 23 prisoners gave their lives to Christ – Mobile Messenger Julius in Kenya

“I thank God for the motorcycle from WOE which is enabling me to reach 4 times more villages for Christ and faster.” – Mobile Messenger Amos in Rwanda

“One Sunday service I was preaching on who is the true God. I shared that we should follow or pay our attention to get help only to this God. There came a certain woman who has been suffering constant bleeding for three years. She has wasted a lot of resources on witchcrafts in seeking treatment but all in vain. In talking, she confessed that, ‘why should I waste my time on earth I better commit suicide.’ But she got a conviction of going to church and indeed when she took the step to come to church, thus when God delivered her from that tough situation. She was facing down and crying that God should forgive her from her ways of participating in witchcraft.” – Mobile Messenger South Sudan

Prayer Requests:

  • In Rwanda there is a strong need for food
  • Peace in the DRC
  • Lots of rain in Rwanda and much was lost
  • prayers needed for those who are open to the Gospel but have yet to open their minds to it and have started attending church services as visitors in Rwanda
  • pray for those in Rwanda who are born again but who backslidden and are back to their old ways.
  • pray for man with Kidney failure in Mobile Messenger Daniel’s Church in Kenya
  • pray for the girl collapsing in Mobile Messenger David’s church in Kenya
  • experiencing drought in Kenya – Pastor Julius

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