January 21, 2011 WOE Staff

On The Ground With Mobile Messengers: Visiting A Maasai Tribe

Mobile Messenger, Pastor Daniel, has been working in the rural areas of Namanga, Kenya and was able to reach and bring the Word of Christ into a Maasai tribe who has lived in an area of the world that few will ever reach.  They live daily by the grace of God, were looking for ‘hope’ and Daniel brought them Jesus.  Their church began under a tree, they have now grown to a ‘shelter’ type structure and the Father of the tribe has now dedicated 4 acres of their land to building the church for Christ.

Pastor Daniel continues to serve and work with this community, and it is exciting to see how the Lord will continue to grow His church here.  He prepared this village for the coming of the messenger to proclaim the name of Jesus.  There are thousands of people living in the most remote areas of the world.  Join our efforts to mobilize messengers all over the world to reach the unreached!

Click on the image to read about our recent visit to the Maasai tribe with Pastor Daniel and see photos of our day.

Comments (3)

  1. Robert

    It is a great testimony to the Word of God. The knowledge, truth and grace of God is at work with the new motorbikes and Pastors that use them to spread the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  2. Jefferytparker

    I am humbled by these servants of the Lord. Ever reminded that there are messengers of the Gospel of Jesus that are accomplishing so much for the Kingdom as I rest comfortably in my soft and warm red chair. The rewards will not compare.

  3. Jparit

    I come from around the area and really understand the need and the impact such mobile messengers like Pastor Daniel can have in such communities that live in very remote villages which have no proper road access. Keep up the good work. I am willing to volunteer in such noble initiatives as time is running out and there is still sooo much harvest still in the fields!

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