October 28, 2011 WOE Staff

On the Road with Our Mobile Messengers

One of our Mobile Messengers, Pastor Benjamin, travelled last week from Kenya to Sudan for a time of sharing and teaching. Take a look at this amazing account of his journey.

The trip to Sudan through Lodwar was exciting. I had a wonderful time of Training the MMs and pastors in every point.
The New church of Derio was the most facinating to me. The whole village had No church and No school for their kids. The Village leaders are all in the New church and its Amazing to see how they Love God. The only person who has ever gone to school is the Pastor because he lived out of his village and now he has gone back home to start a church.MM George Liwan is working with him. This place is 75 kilometres from Lodwar town and No vehicles going to this village. I think the even the Government does not know that there is such a village under the sun.

They have a big problem of water. People and animals drink from the same source and they told me this water sometimes becomes bitter and poisonous so when it gets there they have to dig a New hole in the sand to water.They have food problem too and you can see. They keep goats mostly.

Kalokol church is doing very well with Leadership of Lear. She is my Mobile Messenger there and I was impressed with her work. She walks long distances to reach other villages away from Kalokol along the Lake Turkana.

Sudan Mission was Amazing meeting and Training the MM that I have and pastors. I had a privilege of Commissioning Bible school students in Sudan who had Finished Training and they were now Graduating.One the teachers of this school was my Bible school student in Sudan and now She is involved in Training pastors and church leaders.

God is doing a lot in our Ministry. I want to go back to Sudan for more Training beginning of next year God giving us the Grace.”


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