October 7, 2011 WOE Staff

Partnerships with Purpose

There is power in partnerships for Christ.  His love is magnified when ministries unite and align resources towards His greater purpose.

Earlier this year we formed a partnership with Forest Hill Church in Charlotte, NC, who is sponsoring full teams of Mobile Messengers in Yei, South Sudan and in Burundi in 2012.  Journey Church International in Kansas City recently equipped 40 young Mobile Messengers in Lui, South Sudan with bicycles.  This week, Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, GA has joined this acceleration movement and will be sponsoring 50 Mobile Messengers in 2012!

We are excited about partnering with ‘With Open Eyes’ to spread the good news of the gospel around the world. The Lord has richly blessed Sherwood, and we always want to be faithful to take those blessings and pour them into the lives of other people and ministries who are furthering the gospel. We pray God would continue to do exceedingly, abundantly beyond all we can ask or imagine!” – Michael Catt, Senior Pastor, Sherwood Baptist Church

We are so grateful for the incredible gifts each of these church partners have extended towards messengers around the world.  Mobile Messengers know the culture, language and geography of their homeland. They also create opportunities for additional discipling and missions ministry for church partners.

We look forward to seeing the fruit of these powerful partnerships with purpose! They know the location of the needy and hurting around them. With Open Eyes and our church partners in America are making a way for them to move hope forward where they serve and live!

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  1. Guest

    Powerful! Keep up all of the great work. Lives are being changed and He is being glorified.

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