July 3, 2012 WOE Staff

Pathfinder Update from South Sudan #4

Mili Mududu and Mandingyi

Mili Mududu has been my FAVORITE so far. Sosthen and I have called it the “Jerusalem” of the area. During the war Mili Mududu was known as a refuge for Christians in the area. Schools and the hospital were run out of the area during the war. It is a very famous place and very important to all the people here, especially to Sosthen. But today, things are not so great. Mili Mududu is out in the bush, only a few miles from Lui, but that includes going through rough bush and over a stream. The area has not been remembered for what it did for these people. They have constructed a large church out of mud/wood with a grass roof that is breaking down. The church is the MOST important thing to them. There are no schools anymore and the only access to medicine is to walk to Lui. We were only there briefly before going on to a place called Madingyi, that also served as a refuge for Christians during the war, but Mili Mududu was the center. Madingyi was amazing. They were the first church to write down in english a history of their church and the struggles of the people. I will not write much about them since you will see their report when I get back. They even drew me a map of the area, it was awesome! The church is under a mango tree and there are no schools or access to medicine and the water borehole is not working properly. The water they are gathering is making people sick. The mobile messenger there is an incredible young man, I forgot his name, but I started to refer to him as Joshua to Sosthen because he was the young son of the old pastor who died a few years ago and he has been charged to take care of the church and his people. I don’t know why but I kept thinking about Joshua taking over after Moses. “Joshua” has been trained and is currently on a bicycle.

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