July 10, 2012 WOE Staff

Pathfinder Update from South Sudan #5

Today we traveled FAR. Way out into the bush. There are 5 MMs in the area. Dorowa is a church made of wood, mud and grass, but they are nearing construction of a new church with brick, metal roof, and other materials. ALL raised from within the community. They are SO proud of this and they cannot wait to finish it and begin worshiping in it. I have pictures of course!! I gave an encouraging message to the church, we then talked about challenges. Their greatest concern was for the youth. Many are not able to go forward in school (college) due to lack of funds. Another major concern was access to water. They said the lack of water makes it hard for them to go out to other places and do evangelism. They also want to start building a school for the small children, but they will need to have teachers as well. They also have plans for a church office but need help with materials. Dorowa is a community that really is cut off. We had to cross a series of bridges to get to it, and when the rainy season picks up the roads are pretty much impassible so they are really at a disadvantage. But, this is no lie, they are the MOST incredible church I have visited. I have not seen any group of people with such faith, love and most of all passion for worship and praise. I was continually amazed. They gave me gifts and wanted me to spend the night. I will definitely be spending the night on the next trip! We ate, talked, they danced and sang some more and then we left.”

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