September 12, 2012 WOE Staff

Prayer Mountain Morning

Every Tuesday morning, a group of women prayer warriors from Namanga gather and start the hike up Prayer Mountain to spend time with the Lord. They praise God for all He is doing and has already done, cry out for their loved ones that still need to be in relationship with God, and lay the needs of the community at His feet. What’s even better, is they regularly take the children from Sunday School class up the mountain to teach the next generation about prayer and the importance of dedicating time to be with the Lord. What a blessing for the team to have the opportunity to join them this week!

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  1. suzanne

    Glad to see you all made it safe &sound! What joy you are bringing into these peoples lives! My mother Dee Armbruster is part of your group. I love you mom, safe travels, Love, Suzii

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