October 24, 2011 WOE Staff

Praying with Power

Thank you to all who participated in our With Open Eyes FUEL day of prayer October 20th. The With Open Eyes and Intercessory Prayer Teams spent the day in fasting and prayer together. We interceded in prayer for our Mobile Messengers, their families, our ministry partners, the unreached, new believers, orphans, widows, an end to the famine and drought, the sick, and an end to violence in the Nuba region of Sudan.

Pastor Sosthen in South Sudan reported over 30 youth gathered for fasting, prayer and practicing hymns!”

The powerful effect of prayer is amplified as we pray for one another. Prayer is about relationship, healing, and life change as we yield to the Lord. Prayer sparks personal growth, but it is also a tool and a resource–a mysteriously powerful agent–for doing good to others. God wants us not only to pray for our own problems, but also to intercede for others. –Ed Young, Praying for Keeps.

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