October 7, 2010 WOE Staff

Reaching The Unreached

In many countries, the lack of transportation is a basic yet most significant obstacle preventing evangelism and discipleship of believers.

Did you know that 66% of the entire sq km area of the United States is accessible through paved and non paved roadways?

* Only 28% of Kenya’s sq km area is accessible for transportation

* Only 8% of the sq km area of Tanzania is accessible

* Less than 1% of the entire sq km area of the entire country of Sudan is accessible for transportation

* Pastors in these countries must walk many miles and long distances so they can minister to outlying
communities and identify their most basic and urgent needs.

* In Sudan, the population is 70% Muslim and under-developed roadways, or lack thereof, prevent daily
evangelism beyond their own village.

* Millions of people around the world who live in remote areas are never reached with the gospel of Jesus

Our Mobile Messengers walk great distances to reach remote villages. The need for transportation is so great, so we are purchasing motorbikes to enable them to minister more efficiently and enable them to reach farther distances. This Biblical example shows us that God calls His children and sends His disciples.

Together we can provide the lifeline between pastors and people from all walks of life. All our operational and administrative needs have been funded through the end of 2010, which will allow your gift to have immediate impact in the mission field. With your partnership, we envision building upon the foundation of Jesus Christ and fulfilling the Great Commission.

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