November 20, 2013 WOE Staff

Recognizing our 200th Mobile Messenger

We want to take this moment to recognize our 200th Mobile Messenger, Pastor Joseph of Kenya! Mobile Messenger Joseph is married with 6 children. He started his ministry in 1992. The church started worshipping in a school and after some time they bought a plot land and constructed and iron sheet building with 84 congregants.

Sometimes the church attendance is low because most of the congregants work in the nearby factories owned by Hindus. Sometimes they are denied  the chance to attend Sunday service because they have to work on Sundays.

Mobile Messenger Joseph’s wife works in a nearby factory where she earns an amount which is not sufficient to cater for their six children. She is the bread winner since the pastor currently has no other occupation to earn a living.

Above: Pastor Simon and Agnes with Mobile Messenger Joseph and his wife and four of their children


Mobile Messenger Joseph has established 6 churches that he oversees. He has to cover long distances to oversee the churches. He sometimes has to use a hired motor bike or even walk and so the motor bike provision came in handy as an answered prayer from God.

He intends to open new churches in several areas with this new provision of transportation!


Church ChairladyAlice Gatongi “Our pastor travels on foot to Ndabibi to follow up on the progress of the congregants and so the motor bike is a miracle from God because it will ease his duties as the church pastor.”

Church Elder – Francis Kivumbi – “ We thank your team so much for reaching out to us, the motor bike will enable our pastor to go far! I have known my pastor since 1996. He is humble and patient goes far to reach and spread the gospel. We are praying that everything goes on well and he gets the motorbike so that he can reach out to many more souls for Christ”.


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