August 14, 2012 WOE Staff

Rwanda Ministry Team Update #3

Just as you think it can’t get any better a new day dawns and we stand amazed and full of joy at what the Lord has done!

This morning we visited the Faith & Hope Nursery and Primary School in the Bugesera District in the East Province.  We were expecting approximately 125 children, but as we turned the corner we begin to see children coming from every direction and they just kept coming.  What a beautiful sight to behold….the joy, the smiles and the hugs!  School is current out for a break, but the school had made special arrangements for the parents to send their children to meet us…..they came and I believe a few additional came as well.  At our last count we had nearly 250 children.  What  a wonderful time we had as the team split them into groups for Bible Lessons, Crafts and Games.   We also brought along the puppets since they have been such a huge hit with children and adults.  The morning ended with children giving their life to Christ – what a beautiful sight!!
After lunch we visited the Rilima Church which is located with the school in the Bugesera District.  We were blessed to meet 2 Mobile Messengers and see them in action!  When we arrived at our appointed time, everyone else had arrived early and had already started to worship the Lord.  Other nearby churches that have been planted by the Mobile Messengers also attended the meeting and the church was packed with people standing at the windows and doors looking in!  The service was amazing as we worshiped and danced together.  Each congregation had a special song and dance for us and then we all joined in and danced together – what a powerful time of worship to our God!   Tim, one of the team members shared his miraculous testimony that when he was 51 years old and still spiritually dead, he also died physically and was dead for 23 minutes.  God healed him physically and then Tim later gave his life to the Lord – today he is now able to proclaim to the people of Rwanda  that he is alive both physically and spiritually!  Praise the Lord for His healing and saving power and how He touched many lives today with Tim’s testimony!  Another team member Roger ended our service with a powerful message about faith in Christ and then prayed a special prayer for those in the congregation who were sick in their bodies.
As we said goodbye and traveled home, it was humbling as we realized that some had ridden bicycles for 2 hours to worship with us and then had a 2 hour bicycle ride back to their homes.  It was even more humbling for us to pass them on our way back to Kigali and see them full of smiles and waving!   Brothers and sisters from Rwanda and America joining hands together – praise the Lord for HIS love that connects us no matter where we’re from or the color of our skin.
Tomorrow we have a very early morning and will travel near the border of the DR Congo to visit additional Mobile Messengers and church plants.  We’re excited to see what God has in store for the team!  Please continue to keep us in your prayers!   Will continue to update as we’re able…..

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