August 9, 2012 WOE Staff

Rwanda Reports from the Field

I thank God for His unending love and protection throughout the busy and successful month of July 2012 for my family and ministry. My outreach in July focused on Kamonyi District. I was able to minister to groups of people in 5 villages and we were able to reach over 200 people with message of salvation. Each of these men and women had a story but I was blessed to serve the Lord by ministering to among these was  one man whom I met last year during my ministry trip to Mbati cell in Mugina sector of Kamonyi District. From my home to Mbati, It takes me about 4-hours’ motorcycle ride.

Last year, he was the one man who did not allow me to enter into his homestead since he didn’t feel any need for God after his wife and four children left him, his employment terminated  as a result of alcohol and related behaviors. He was mad at anyone especially preachers whom he saw as senseless theorists. He decided to neglect himself and people thus no one entered his compound. He did not wash his clothes, comb his hair or do any form of cleanliness. People thought he was suffering from mental illness; some felt pity for him but didn’t know what to do for him. On July 19, 2012 while back to his village I had about his condition and prayed about it. I felt the Spirit’s call to visit with him. Those I spoke rejected my idea as a waste of time. I still felt the Spirit leading me to go so I went. Passersby came and surrounded his compound to see what will happen. They thought he would be violent and I somehow did too. He looked terribly bad and dirty but to my surprise he responded when I greeted him. I asked if I could offer him some milk and cakes I had to which he accepted. I spent 5 hours with him.  As we continued talking I realized all He needed was Jesus Christ. I put him on my motorcycle and took him to a barbers shop and got some clothes for him. About 50 People gathered outside the barber’s shop most of them just curious to see the man who had been said to be mentally disturbed who suddenly looks normal. I took that as a teaching moment and we shared the Word of God in Mathew 11:28. Janvier decided to give his life to Christ in public and we prayed with Him and 10 more that were touched by Janvier’s testimony. Two weeks later, he called me and begged me to take him to his wife and children in about 3 hours ride in addition to 4 hours to reach him. He wanted to go and seek their forgiveness. I accepted. The road was rough, we ran out of gas on two occasions and God brought “Good Samaritans” to help us but we made it. When Janvier’s mother-in-law, his wife and children saw him they all cried and hugged him. This brought the prodigal son’s story in my mind. The long story ended by him not only receiving forgiveness but the family promised to reunite with him. This experience was a miracle to me and I’m really thankful to God for this miracle. I’m grateful to With Open Eyes for providing me with a motorcycle.

Thank you,

Mobile Messenger 


Christian Greetings! I am a Mobile Messenger in Rwanda, Rubavu District bordering the Democratic Republic of the Congo. I am grateful for God’s guidance in the ministry this July 2012. God has equipped me with His Word and WOE provided me with a motorcycle to accelerate my outreach. I organized and facilitated three outreach campaigns this July; I would not have managed more than one campaign if I had no motorcycle because logistics and preparations required a lot of travelling.

The evangelistic campaigns were held in Hehu, Busumba and Ryabizige villages. We were able to reach over 600 people through these 3 events. Our past events in these locations were successful so was this one. The goal is to reach as many more people and villages as God enable us. We are committed to participate in God’s mission for the world through the church.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support for our ministries through WOE.

Murakoze (Thank you)!

Mobile Messenger 


Greetings from Goma in the Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)!

Allow me to send my gratitude and thanks to our partners in this ministry. Your support is enabling us move and spread the Gospel. My prayer is that the Lord may continue to bless you so abundantly and continue to give you the heart to extend your blessings to us by supporting the ministry we are involved in.

Despite the ongoing war in Rutchuru District between the Government forces and rebel militias with tension that it may get closer to us, we were able to continue with our ministry this July. The major evangelistic campaign I conducted this month was held at Ndosho, Karisimbi District in Goma town, North Kivu Province. I was privileged to speak to 215 men and women who gathered for that one event. I spoke on “the value of man in the eyes of God” by doing an expository sermon with texts from Mark 5:1-17, Genesis 4:1-16 and 1 Kings 21:17-24. The message was well received especially at a time such as this when people start doubting the value in the eyes of God while under threat of war and massacres.

Pray for restoration peace and stability. Pray that the Lord may provide a peaceful solution to the ongoing conflict. Pray that those involved may be transformed for the good of those who are suffering.

Thank you for your support and prayers,

Mobile Messenger

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