October 15, 2012 WOE Staff

Rwanda and Congo September Mobile Messenger Reports

“We are doing four times what we used to do in terms of speed and villages we reach. We are thankful to all of you who are supporting our ministries here in Rwanda through With Open Eyes.” -Ministry Partner Ananie

“My outreach was more based in Kigali, Bugesera and Rutsiro. My ministry focus for the last two months was mainly for children. I was able to reach about 900 children in the 3 districts visited. I thank God for reports from the field where children are attending church more and 101 have give their lives to Christ.

We are reaching these places thanks to support to us through With Open Eyes. Together we will accelerate the spread of the Gospel to all hills and villages in Jesus Name.” – Mobile Messenger Immaculee

“I serve in the Southern Province of Rwanda where I held outreach meetings in the villages of Bwirika (400 people) and Shori (250 people). We praise God for the harvest as 36 people gave their lives to Christ.

When you see the distance between the villages where I ministered and my house, you join me to praise God for With Open Eyes for the gift of a motorcycle which is greatly impacting my ministry activities.” – Mobile Messenger Jean T.

“We thank God for the love of God and protection. Many people in my area of ministry are displaced due to war in North Kivu Province of DRC. There has been a sort of cease-fire recently and many families are returning back to their vandalized and mostly demolished homes.

I have been ministering to families in these displaced camps. I as well had to live my house which was vandalized and all my properties stolen. This month, I was able to share the Gospel with 904 men and women. I’m letting them know that there is hope even in times of despair. When we have no answer Christ is the answer.

Join me to thank God for 95 more men and women who decided to give their lives to Jesus Christ. Thank you for your prayers and support through With Open Eyes.” – Mobile Messenger Jean Pierre





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