October 16, 2013 WOE Staff

September Mobile Messenger Reports


“I dedicated the month of September to the churches under my leadership doing house to house ministry to pray for sick people. God has healed many and particular one man who had been very sick. His whole body had been aching for a very long time. He was discharged from the hospital after not responding well to treatment. After praying for him, God has healed him. Praise be to His Mighty Name!”


“God is doing great things! We managed to preach at a home of one renown witchcraft man. His own son and two other people from his family surrendered their lives to Christ! How best can we thank God? Hallelujah!”


“I ministered at church meetings and a funeral service where I got an opportunity to preach Christ, that there is hope in Him even after we cross the river of life. Two ladies gave their lives to Christ and also encouraged the bereaved family members that there is comfort in Christ.”


“Thanking God for the ministry team from With Open Eyes. Their visit really encouraged me in my work. During the visit, someone commented, “Although the person who started the African Inland Church Mission had died, his work has reached many people even after his death.” That reminded me of James. Looking at all that is happening, many souls are being brought to Christ even after he has gone to be with the Lord.” – Ministry Partner, Cities of Refuge Ministries

Above: Pastor Duncan’s Ngengeka Church community




“I am overwhelmed to let you know that September was full of blessings. With motorcycle and bicycles we received from WOE, the Gospel moves faster than before. We shared the Gospel with the people from three areas. God saved 201 in one area, 258 in another and 305 in third.

The Lord of harvest helped us to plant 4 new churches! They are still meeting under the trees. It is our hope that the Lord will provide buildings in due time.

Pray for us as we keep making Christ known to the people. The enemy is not happy when people accept Christ as Lord and Savior. Due to the shortage of water, it is a challenge for us challenged to have people baptized. We have to move some miles searching for water.  We trust the Lord to provide boreholes for the benefit of the church and the community as well at His appointed time.”


“Dear co-workers in the vineyard of Christ! We have witnessed the move of God in our midst in September. We were able to carry out an evangelistic ministry. We were able to minister to 121 mechanics and they gave their lives to Christ. We proceeded to ministering to a market place and the Lord saved 97 people.

Afterward, we went to the hospital and prayed for 25 patients. We experienced supernatural healing in which two persons instantly got healed. We give all the glory to our Lord Jesus Christ. Pray for Lord’s provision especially for patients in the hospitals. Many of them are unable to get food and other utensils during their hospitalization. We highly appreciate your spiritual and moral support while laboring for Christ. Thank you so much for your support in the ministry.”


“We showed Jesus Film in evenings for 3 consecutive days. 653 got saved as a result. The Lord saved 167 people as a result of our door to door ministry. The Lord has been so good to us. Pray for some of the new believers who are in need of Bibles.”


“We have abundantly experienced God’s blessing in September.  Evangelism is moving on and the Lord is adding new believers to His Church.  Sincerely speaking, bicycles are really helping us to reach many people for the Kingdom of God. The Lord enabled us to carry out evangelism in four villages. 347 were reached and the Lord saved 167. We also visited and prayed with sick person and received instant healing.  We praised the Lord for His miraculous healing to His people.”


“While sharing the Gospel in a bus, I came across with a man who doubts Lord’s omnipotence due to the lack of job.  He told me that he will accept Christ when he gets a job.  We prayed together and after one week, he informed me over the phone that he got a good job. I asked him if he is ready to accept Christ as Lord and Savior. He said yes.  He directed me where he was and went to pray with him toward receiving Christ.  God does amazing thing in a way a man cannot identify it.”


“I am overwhelmed to let you that than even though insecurity is still in Eastern Congo. The Lord is still our protector in the midst of trouble. Situation seems to be a little bit cool but there is still tension. We indeed appreciate your continuous prayer over Eastern Congo.

People are starving in camps and others are leaving their homes and join them in camps because they are afraid of being in their homes.  Life isn’t friendly, people are dying of hunger. In the midst of this situation, we are joyful because the Lord hides us in His wings as we take the message of hope to widows, widowers and orphans as well.

We help people understand that despite the problems they are  going through, God remains sovereign and cares for them. Sincerely speaking, this message has not been easy to pass it to someone who is sleeping hungry. We thank the Lord that many are trusting God as their Protector and Savior as well.  In this September, we reached 809 people with the Gospel in refugee camps and 102 received Christ as Lord and Savior.

Join us as we pray for these people in camps to get food.  Children who are dying due to malnutrition and  grown up people are also dying as well due to hunger.  We trust the Lord to take care of all their needs such as blankets, enough food, water and means for children to attend schools.”


“I therefore urge you to join us hands as we pray for our Mobile Messengers who are preaching Christ to the internally displaced people in Eastern Cong (DRC). These people have left their homes due to the war between M23 and government army.  They are going through hardships of various kinds and most of the time passes the night without food.

Though our Mobile Messengers lives are in danger, their slogan is that  a live seed does not fear the soil. We must preach the Message of Hope to people who are starving in camps.” – Ministry Partner, Church of Faith Rwanda



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