May 26, 2016 Tommy Mcbride

Shining the Light in Darkness

“We are very much in need of help. As church leaders we are deeply convinced that with the support of With Open Eyes for 5 new Mobile Messengers we can be very effective in our remote and highly evangelistic areas: Afar, Somali, Gumuz, Podi, Hammar and Tigrai. We plead with you to consider these new places.” ~ Ethiopian Church Leader

This email, received following our visit with our partners in Ethiopia earlier this year, prompted us to prayerfully pursue this new ministry opportunity to reach out to some of the most remote areas of that nation whose populations are almost entirely Muslim. Many are nomadic and pastoralist peoples. Our ministry partners have been working to train Muslim Background Believers (MBB’s) to reach back into the regions of the country they are from to share the good news of the gospel. Now these MBB’s have been commissioned as Mobile Messengers and equipped to carry out the work they’ve been trained to do.


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