April 8, 2016 The With Open Eyes Team

Students Graduate From Bible Training

pic 2In 2015, With Open Eyes partnered with Leadership International and Serge to pilot a comprehensive Bible training program in three locations in Kenya. Many students walked for miles to class, some walked for days, to attend a week-long intensive Bible study each month for a year. While their dedication was unrelenting, we are proud to say the last of the trainees have now graduated. Some already in pastoral roles, they are all eager to go and fulfill the Great Commission.

After the graduation, there were many celebratory ceremonies within their own communities.  The latest celebration was held at a church in Meto, which is on the border of Kenya and Tanzania, where 24 students marched into the church wearing robes of many colors. While many students are awaiting transportation to become Mobile Messengers, three graduates were commissioned with motorbikes allowing them to now reach remote locations in minutes and hours, not days. With Open Eyes has commissioned a total of 260 Mobile Messengers to-date throughout Kenya, Sudan, South Sudan, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, DR Congo and Ethiopia.

The graduation ceremony led by Pastor Simon and Pastor Timothy was one of spiritual worship and fellowship. Among the guests was Honorable Elijah Memusi, an area Parliament member, who joined in the prayer for the dry grounds of Empukani Metto.  Empukani Meto means ‘dry area’ and the locals believe that nothing good can come of it; however, the graduation ceremony clearly attested otherwise.

“Humility is the key to good leadership,” Pastor Simon expressed to the graduates.  “Therefore, we must lead by example.”  During the ceremony, he was honored with a colorful wooden staff, a symbol of leadership.

The ceremony was a time for the various people groups to unite and demonstrate their gratefulness of the Mobile Messengers’ leadership to the people and to their communities. When God is among the people, the people thrive.

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