The Obedient Life of Billy Graham

Billy Graham in Duisburg, Sommer 1954

‪“Someday you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead. Don’t you believe a word of it. I shall be more alive than I am now. I will just have changed my address. I will have gone into the presence of God.”‬ – Billy Graham

By now, the world has heard that Billy Graham, renowned evangelist and preacher, has passed into heaven at the age of 99. The tributes are lengthy and the stories of impact are many. And why shouldn’t they be? For nearly 80 years, Billy Graham did the one thing he knew he was called to do: preach the Gospel.

Whether that Gospel went to kings, queens, and presidents or to humble working men and women, Billy preached the Word of God the same way: with fervor and faith. There is much to be said for a man whose humble beginnings in North Carolina could not have foreseen such an extraordinary life.

There are many who will put forth the numbers of people he impacted (in the hundreds of millions if not billions). Others will touch on his evangelical ministry, the crusades that marked his early career and were a mainstay of his ministry until diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Some will comment on his presence with several sitting presidents. Just recently, The Crown from Netflix highlighted his impact on the current queen of England. He influenced people of power with his magnetic personality and humble faith.

However, through all these accolades and memories, there is a thread that is consistent. In Billy Graham’s life, the central figure of adoration, submission, and truth was Jesus Christ. And the thread that tied the two together was his love and obedience to Jesus and His Word.

There are plenty of lessons we can learn from Billy Graham. However, it is his unwavering obedience to the call of Jesus on his life that is the foundation for all of them. Below are just a few sections from sermons he preached at various points in his life, all pointing to Jesus. All calling men and women to life in Jesus and to know Him.

These words, and his faith and obedience to preach them, ring as true as when he preached them. As the shock of the news of his death recedes and the days pass, these words that he shares will still ring true. They ring true because they are the truth of Scripture, and they were the truth of Billy Graham’s life. He lived by these creeds. He knew Jesus. He obeyed Jesus.

And now, the promise of Scripture is fulfilled for him, “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.” “Blessed indeed,” says the Spirit, “that they may rest from their labors, for their deeds follow them!” (Revelation 14:13)

The Mystery and Certainty of Faith

The Need of the Cross of Jesus

The Life that Changes in Jesus

With Open Eyes is indebted to Billy Graham for the example he is to our organization and to our Mobile Messengers. His life and message remind us that it is for Jesus and His gospel that we train Mobile Messengers, visit refugees, send Bibles in unknown languages to the uttermost parts of the earth. May his legacy continue to bear fruit in evangelists and preachers all over the world who rise up to follow the call of Jesus to preach the Gospel in obedient faith and love.

Celebrating Christmas Around the World

Christmas is a time of anticipation and hope for Christians around the world. That Jesus Christ came to earth, God in human flesh as Redeemer and Reconciler is the reason for all weary souls to rejoice.

While the themes of Christmas are the same for each Christian, how we celebrate the advent of Jesus is not. The work that With Open Eyes does in fourteen countries around the world offers a fresh perspective on the impact not only of Christmas but the Gospel of Jesus. In the face of persecutions and hardships, the men and women we’ve met have been filled with the light of hope and joy, even as they fight against despair and worry.

To honor some of the countries we serve, we wanted to share the unique ways they celebrate Christmas. Traditions, meals, festivals and the like are all a part of the worldwide, yet unique way the body of Christ celebrates His birth. Read more

Reaching Rwanda with the Gospel

Imagine a country with sloping mountains and a national park dedicated to volcanos, gorillas, and golden monkeys and you have just a small picture of Rwanda. Nestled between the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Burundi, and Tanzania, Rwanda has a big reputation for such a small country.

Over the years, this African nation has been the focal point of world news from devastating genocide to its most recent re-election of its president, Paul Kagame. It could be easy to assign Rwanda to only these news stories and ignore the great strides this country has made in the last two decades.

Those strides, in part, are due to a slow and subtle move among its people and has its roots in the Christian church. There are many missionaries and organizations that find work in Rwanda from the United States, providing help and aid. But some of the most powerful stories of hope and change are coming from pastors who call Rwanda home.

Pastors like Pastor Ananie. Read more

Do Not Be Afraid

I’m struck this week by the number of times in the gospel narrative of the birth of Jesus that I find the words, “Do not be afraid.”

– When the angel of the Lord appeared to Zacharias in the Temple to announce the forerunner of the Christ, he said, Do not be afraid.”
When God sent the angel named Gabriel to visit Mary to reveal to her God’s plan to send His Son, he said, “Do not be afraid, Mary.”
When Joseph was struggling with Mary’s pregnancy and whether to follow through on his marriage commitment, an angel of the Lord spoke to him in a dream saying, “Do not be afraid.”
When an angel stood before shepherds in the darkness of the Bethlehem countryside to announce the birth of Jesus, he said to them, “Do not be afraid.”

Read more

Abundant Fruit in Maasai Land

Mobile Messenger Daniel was invited to preach during a conference at one of the churches at Maasai land. The congregation has increased and this caused them to start a new church in faith…. and through contribution.  Thank you With Open Eyes  for praying for  the Mobile Messengers ,me being one of them, because even men are now attending church when before the majority were women.

Maasaichurch  Maasainewchurch

Sharing the Word of God on Saturday with the congregation. All were listening carefully.

Maasai4 Maasai5


Sunday Service

Maasai8  Maasai10 Maasai11 Maasai12

P.U.S.H. – Pray Until Something Happens


Not only did they eat spiritual food but also food to nourish their bodies too.


Laying hands in prayer … four people made the decision to live their lives for Christ. Praise be to God!



Help fund the ministry of Mobile Messenger Daniel and others like him today. 100 pastors are currently on the waiting list for transportation to reach remote areas with the Gospel.

The need is urgent!



Blessings from Rwanda

On July 18th-29th, a team of 8 from Central Church of God in Charlotte, NC traveled to Kigali, Rwanda to work with one of our With Open Eyes partners.  The team arrived in time for the dedication of 50 new bicycles being distributed to 50 Mobile Messengers!  One of the team members, who had been on many mission trips in the past, commented of how,

This experience was a highlight of all trips!!  How wonderful and amazing it is to see 50 men and women of all generations, receiving a bicycle that will help them carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost.”

As the week went on and the team traveled throughout the rough and curvy hills of Rwanda, it made the gift of transportation so much more meaningful!

The team split their time between Kigali and two village churches in the Northern and Southern provinces.  In preparation for this trip, the team had raised money to not only cover the cost of their expenses, but to also help buy cement and building supplies for building walls of two churches where they would be visiting.  In fact, in a two week fundraising period, they raised enough money not only to cover what they had hoped, but enough extra to help with a third church! Since their existence, these churches have been worshiping under tarps or makeshift buildings. They are now rejoicing that they will have an actual church building to cover and protect from the sun and the rain.  The new church buildings will also stand as a sign to the villagers and everyone who sees, as the hand of God supplying their need!

The team spent their mornings and afternoons working alongside men and women from the local congregations carrying stones and bricks, shoveling dirt as well as sharing Bible stories and testimonies, enjoying games and activities with the children.  The joy of the Lord was in the air and the body of Christ was seen coming together as they taught/sang the children’s song, “Praise Ye the Lord”, (and even the brickmasons joined in) or were taught words in the Kinyerwanda language as they passed the stones.  Evenings were spent showing the “Jesus Film”. As the sun started to set, the people would begin arriving in anticipation. For most, watching a movie was a first-time experience, as electricity in homes is not common and you won’t find a movie theater nearby. By the time the movie began, the crowd had generally doubled and while some were seated, most were standing to be able to have a good view.  Just imagine the joy and blessing of watching as many accepted Christ as a result of seeing and hearing the gospel in their own language!  The Mobile Messengers were thrilled to know that the Jesus Film and equipment would be left behind so they can continue to share this experience with many others throughout Rwanda.

The perfect ending to our visit was observing the water baptism of new believers.  What an honor and thrill for the team to rejoice and celebrate together with their new brothers and sisters!

After returning home and having the opportunity to listen to the team speak from their heart about the experience, there was an overall theme from the group of feeling overjoyed and blessed to have been a part of what God is doing through our With Open Eyes Mobile Messengers in Rwanda.  One of the comments received after returning home was,

Being in Rwanda 19 years after the Genocide, one would never know this country or people had endured such terror and horror in their land and lives.The people greet you with the warmest smiles, biggest hugs, and have some of the most loving hearts that I’ve every encountered on this earth. I saw and felt Jesus’ redeeming love and presence so tangibly in Rwanda. Isaiah 61:3 penetrated my mind and heart every day during my time there, and it was as if I was seeing this verse lived out in front of my very eyes, because the Lord has truly given them, “beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they may be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord that He may be glorified.”

This team went in obedience to their call from the Lord to “Go” and to bless the people of Rwanda and work along side Mobile Messengers. Each member poured out graciously, giving all they could give without asking for anything in return.  In listening and observing them both in country and after returning home, I know that as hard as they worked, they will be blessed!  While we contine to hear great reports from the field as a result of their visit, we know some results will not be seen until we get to Heaven!  To God be the glory!

Sheri Sloan
With Open Eyes

March 2013 Mobile Messenger Reports

South Sudan

“I visited the Hospital and 2 people got saved. I also opened a church 25 miles away as demanded by two youth who got saved when I witnessed to them in the town there. I do go there on Tuesdays and Fridays to them. Now there are already five that are saved awaiting baptism.” – Mobile Messenger

“I made two days seminar. 120 people attended and 2 people gave their lives to Christ. It is really a great joy to us as Christians because God has given us this opportunity to win His people to Christ.” – Mobile Messenger

“A discipleship training was of great testimony in the life of the believers under the teaching. 30 people attended from three churches and three prayer centers. Though they were with challenges and struggle in life they have gain strength in the Lord. One of the most challenges was the discouragement, advice of going to witch doctor for healing especially those with no children and the sick. In their testimonies they talk of having a full commitment in the Lord Jesus despite the challenges they will remain to serve God.” – Mobile Messenger



“Encouraged when I visited an elderly lady with an intention of helping her. I found her desperate and ill. She told me that the doctor advised her to be on special diet but she didn’t have the money to buy the diet. When I offered her my help she almost fainted in disbelief. She really glorified God that finally her prayers had been answered and that God had finally remembered her.” – Ministry Partner, S. Kenya

“It’s my joy when to see the work of God progress, though sometimes we face challenges like rejection but finally witness God’s power when souls are won for Christ.” – Mobile Messenger, S. Kenya

“I am currently covering more than 126km (78 miles) in ministry areas. Please pray for me and my team as we plan to hold a Women conference in April targeting all the ladies in the area.” – Mobile Messenger, S. Kenya
“I had a children camp this month with over 80 kids assemble for bible teachings and playing together and for child evangelism.” – Mobile Messenger, N. Kenya
“My ministry to young teenagers and high school students is doing very well. Next month I am planning a youth conference and rally.” – Mobile Messenger, N. Kenya
Below: Ministry Partner ministering to elderly widows in Kenya community
“I thank God for the success of my ministries in March. I focused in 5 villages. In each village we spent two days and we were able to minister to 750 men and women in all these villages.
We praise God for 120 men and women who surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. I managed to minister in these villages thanks to the motorcycle I received from With Open Eyes. It took me at least 2 hours of motorcycle ride to reach each of the five villages. The rain was heavy, the roads slippery but the Lord was with me all through.” – Mobile Messenger, Rwanda
“My ministry focus area in March was to villages on the border of Congo DRC! There has been war in Congo DRC between government troops and rebel militia which led to the latter capturing a huge part of a Province of DRC. The village where I was ministering is close to Congo where you can hear guns explosion but this tragic situation could not stop our evangelism. Even though we were worried, there was no major incident. The situation has been stabilized and Christ is preached to all people.
We were able to minister to 640 people throughout all activities done in March. We will be doing follow up to ensure that all these efforts bear fruits. Our goal is to reach as many more people and villages as God enable us. We are committed to participate in God’s mission for the world through the church. Thank you so much for your prayers and support for our ministries through WOE.” – Mobile Messenger, Rwanda 
Below: Baptism in Rwanda
Above: Mobile Messengers receive new study bibles in their own language for use in sermon/teaching
Above: Beautiful children in Rwanda village

January 2013 Mobile Messenger Reports

Cities of Refuge Ministry Partner visiting a church plant in Mwingi, Kenya and joining the Mobile Messenger in helping with a child dedication service.

“I visited one of the Mobile Messengers in Kitui and specifically Ngekeka church where we had baptism of 17 individuals and open air crusades where 26 souls surrendered their lives to Christ!” – Ministry Partner, Cities of Refuge Ministries

“The man in the middle with red T-shirt before he confessed Jesus as his personal lord and savior, he gave a testimony of himself which humble me down, he said once he was arrested and tied, beaten and actually half way dead and thrown into prison but in the process his spirit went to God and God asked him why are you here please go back and do what I still want of you to do(assignment) this was the time I met him with the word of God and he  decided to give his life to Jesus. As you can see in the picture I presented them to the nearby church and welcome into the family of God, and from the picture you can see some of them where drunkards but he told them time for drinking is finished  today come to have rest.” – ALARM South Sudan, Mobile Messenger

“God was faithful in January 2013 as I ministered in 4 sectors of Muhanga District. We ministered one one one and conducted Gospel outreach campaigns in Mushishiro, Kibangu, Kiyumba and Rugendabari sectors. We were able to minister to 360 people throughout Muhanga and we thank God for 85 people who surrendered their lives to Christ through these campaigns. The month was busy and we thank God for His amazing love. We praise Him for protecting, guiding and sustaining us throughout the month of January 2013.

I thank God for WOE for providing a motorcycle for my ministry. I am reaching villages and homes and by the end of the day, I am accomplishing in one month what i used to accomplish in five months.” – Church of Faith Rwanda, Mobile Messenger


Final Day of Ministry in Kitui Kenya

The Women’s Ministry Team’s final day of scheduled ministry was in Kitui, Kenya. Their day started with Mobile Messengers – under a tree where their church first began. They  were warmly greeted by Mobile Messenger, Pastor Julius, and his family. They so generously gave the team their cooking wraps so they would  look just like the African Mamas in our their own kitchens! Check out the pictures from the day…they really tell the whole story.

Ministry Team Blessed in Rwanda

A Ministry Team from Central Church of God in Charlotte, NC was blessed to see Mobile Messengers in action and work alongside them during their mission trip in August. The team worked with Mobile Messengers to provide outreaches for children and adults all throughout communities and church plants. Our ministry partner in Rwanda and his team of Mobile Messengers were so appreciative to receive encouragement and support from Central’s team.

“We thank God for 80 people who gave lives to Christ and for those who will be making decisions soon. We as well had a campaign at Nyakiliba and we thank God for Central Church of God visitors from USA who joined us even though late in the evening. It was such a great time for encouragement. Thank you for partnering with us to win more people to Christ. We thank God for WOE for partnering us in this harvest field. Blessings, Mobile Messenger Simon”

“It was a blessing to see all the different people all throughout Rwanda and Congo to the South and seeing the Mobile Messengers in action.” – Team Member

“Love is a universal language.” -Team Member

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