November 21, 2017 Carrie Kintz

A Thanksgiving Prayer for Mobile Messengers

As Thanksgiving approaches, we are grateful for all the work of our Mobile Messengers, the support of faithful friends, and the guidance of the Lord in all things.

The holidays can be a time of great celebration but also a hardship for many. For friends and family around the world, they face continued persecution because of the Gospel. We want to offer a prayer of thanksgiving and intercession for our Mobile Messengers, and ask for you to pray with us for them in this season of Thanksgiving.

Dear Lord God of Heaven and Earth,

Today we hold the faithful men and women called Mobile Messengers before the throne of grace. We come boldly on their behalf and we are confident they will receive Your mercy and grace in their time of need.

We thank you for their courageous commitment to carry the gospel to the unreached people in their nations. We are humbled by their commitment to the give their lives to serve You by serving others. God, we ask you to give them favor as they travel dangerous and desolate paths, as they enter new villages and towns. We pray your Spirit will prepare the words of life you would have them share and for fertile hearts to receive the word with meekness. We ask you to make them bold as lions and gentle as lambs.

They are good shepherds who feed their flocks, strengthen the weak, and pray healing for the sick. They constantly bind up the broken, seek those who are scattered, and search tirelessly for the lost. They are prayer warriors who wage war in heavenly places to secure the salvation of souls. Anoint them from head to toe for the work that is before them.

Father, thank you for each and every one of them. Bless them and encourage them today. We pray they will see fruit from their labor and be renewed with the joy of the Lord that gives supernatural strength. Heal their bodies, give revelation knowledge to their mind and spirit, refresh them in their innermost being. Please watch over their going out and coming in. Protect their households and may each family be a testimony to the love and grace of God, who is love.

We honor our co-laborers in ministry. We are humbled by their example and it’s our privilege to pray for them today.

All glory, honor, and praise to you, Lord. These prayers we ask in the name above all names, JESUS.