September 16, 2011 WOE Staff

They Came For A Mission


With Open Eyes was delighted to host a team from Central Church of God in August.  This team traveled to Kenya to work along side our Ministry partner, Cities of Refuge, Pastor Simon, his wife Agness and Daniel, a mobile messenger who serves under Simon’s leadership. It’s been amazing to hear stories from both the field and from the travelers who just returned from serving alongside Mobile Messengers in Kenya.  The team was a tremendous blessing to all they came in contact with and we continue to hear good reports of their visit.  A recent debrief with a few members who served on the team revealed the impact this had on the community but also on the members who traveled.  What profound stories they shared of ‘men of prayer and multipliers of others’, ‘humility and passion in everything’, ‘working with men of vision’, ‘hunger to learn and seek God in prayer’, ‘mighty women of prayer on the Prayer Mountain, crying out to the Lord’.  We asked about their reflections on our team on the ground and this is what they shared:

“You see Christ in Simon and Daniel’s gentleness.”

“Pastor Simon’s leadership is contagious in his community.”

“People in the community recognize and respect Pastors Simon and Daniel as Men of God.”
We offer special thanks and appreciation to Central Church of God for sending this team to work with our Ministry Partners, and we look forward to many more opportunities to work together!


Messages from the field:

[quote] I would like to thank the entire church for allowing the team to come. they portrayed Jesus’ Love to our people. I would also like to thank the whole team of WOE and the office. God bless you all.   – Agnes
” I thank God for what I have learnt personally about the humility from the whole team and the way they love the Lord and the joy they had when serving God’s people. They came on a mission!  We have never had a group from America like this.  Their crying, their burning tears for us really impacted us. Thanks so much” – Pastor Simon
” The visit was really a blessing to me and the community at large. we were all touched by the team’s willing spirit and the passion they have in serving God.
Thanks Pastor Simon!”   – Daniel, Mobile Messenger – Kenya[/quote]


[quote]This action packed week was filled with teaching, preaching, praying, loving and serving.  The days in Kenya were split between two locations, the town of Namanga and a newly planted church in Maasai land.  The mornings were spent in Namanga with the team working alongside the Mobile Messengers and the local church. There were many special times of teaching and fellowship with children, widows, and people of all ages.  Further, they participated in a special cleaning project within the town – collecting and burning trash. One of the most powerful times was climbing a local mountain to join women of all ages including some with small babies in tow, for a powerful time of prayer. The team left amazed at the level of commitment this group exhibited for seeking the face of God. As in most mission trips, the team went to encourage and uplift others, but it was the team that travelled home feeling encouraged and blessed by the people and the incredible prayer warriors of Kenya.  Afternoons were just as special to the team as they traveled about an hour outside of town to meet and minister with the Maasai tribe.  The road to reach this beautiful group of people was very rough and difficult, but so worth the effort! As the vans pulled up on their property, the Maasai people gathered to greet their visitors by dancing and singing in their typical Maasai custom.

During the afternoons with the Maasai, the team ministered among them with Biblical teaching, fun and fellowship.  Men, women and children alike participated and enjoyed every minute of the time together. It was a blessing to see the love of Jesus at work as we saw a people group who are in such physical need for basic necessities of life but continue to smile and laugh together while drawing closer to the Father.  We ended our time for the week with a foot washing and shoe distribution. Words cannot describe the emotions of seeing the smiles and joy over a prayer that was prayed over them and receiving a new pair of shoes. For many it was their first pair of shoes and it was counted an honor to be used of the Lord in this way and to serve beside Pastor Daniel among his people.” – Sheri Sloan, With Open Eyes[/quote]





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