December 14, 2010 WOE Staff

This Christmas, Send A Gift That Will Travel Thousands of Miles To Serve Those In Desperate Need!

When we celebrate Christmas with the true meaning of Christmas in our hearts, we are celebrating the first coming of Christ into the world. Hundreds and hundreds of years before Jesus was born, God sent His chosen messengers with prophecies and messages, to proclaim His holy name. Today, there are messengers all around the world who walk great distances to deliver the message of HOPE and serve those in need. The lack of transportation is so great. By mobilizing them, we enable them to travel farther distances and reach the unreached. Together, we can provide the lifeline between pastors and people from all walks of life. Our Mobile Messenger’s needs are growing.

Currently we have:
– 45+ identified and trained, awaiting motorbikes
– 67+ applicants approved and in training
– 100+ applicants awaiting approval

With your support, we can equip our Mobile Messengers, enabling them to build upon the foundation of Jesus Christ, and fulfill the Great Commission.

All of our operational and administrative needs have been funded through the end of 2011, which will allow your gift to have immediate impact in the field.

Select the Christmas Gift Box to begin!

Why not celebrate Jesus Christ this season by giving a gift with everlasting impact? If you would like a With Open Eyes Christmas mailing sent to a designated recipient making them aware of your generous gift in their name, please include their name, address and any special comments in the ‘note’ section when making your gift.

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