March 1, 2016 WOE Staff

Tuesday Testimonies

Remember those old time testimony services churches used to hold from time to time? I remember leaving those services encouraged and emboldened in the Lord by the testimonies I had heard. We pray these few testimonies of God’s goodness and grace from our Mobile Messengers will bless you as much as they have us. Enjoy!

“Serving God in the remote areas of South Sudan where there is no school, medical center, money and water is quite challenging. What motivates me to press on is when I see a soul coming to Christ.”   ~ Mobile Messenger Alex, South Sudan

“I was Muslim since birth and am now married. My wife requested me to gather with you but I refused. Today I am pleased to give you my thanks for your evangelistic outreach; my life was transformed some weeks ago. In fact, the Holy Spirit of God arrested me and transformed my life.” ~ Shabani, a former Muslim as shared with Mobile Messenger Jean Baptiste