October 16, 2013 WOE Staff

Two Church Buildings Destroyed by Storms

Storms raged through areas of Kenya and Rwanda last week causing the destruction of two Mobile Messenger churches. Both of these church plants have been visited by WOE mission teams. In the summer of 2012, a WOE women’s ministry team ministered to the church community at the Ngengeka Church in Kenya. Bweramana Church in Rwanda was just visited by a team from Central Church of God this summer to help build the church walls destroyed by the storms.

Above in Kenya: Mobile Messenger Duncan’s Ngengeka Church and building destroyed by a strong wind storm

Above: Temporary church shelter

Above: Church community gathered together to worship a few days after church building was destroyed

Above: Church community

Above: Children praying during service

Above: Mobile Messenger Duncan and his family along with Agnes from Cities of Refuge Ministries


Above: Bweramana Church in Rwanda, BEFORE the storm

Above: AFTER the storm


If you would like to help these communities rebuild, give today:

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