June 7, 2010 WOE Staff

Update on Kamal Tutu’s Progress

I’ve been meaning to get another update up regarding Kamal Tutu as many of you have asked about his continued progress. When I checked on him this last week he was doing well. He has settled into a private room at Kijabe Hospital in Kenya with his son Eliah who has stayed to be translator and companion for his father. The doctor’s primary focus for now is to strengthen Kamal’s feet through Physical Therapy. The tendons and ligaments of his left foot have shortened, disabling use of that foot. Physical Therapy is currently focusing on loosening and lengthening his foot and after strengthening his leg muscles, will conduct surgery to correct any other needs. Kamal has been responding well to PT and with the use of a walker, has begun to put weight on legs that he has not used in over 20 years. It’s amazing and a huge encouragement to see his self determination and motivation.

X-rays indicate that the bones in his hands are diseased due to poor circulation as a result of the contractures. The doctors are not yet sure the extent of reconstruction that will be necessary to achieve a minimal level of independent functioning in his hands and forearms. Once they have succeeded in giving him the use of his feet back, they will turn their focus on his hands.

Thank you for your continued interest, prayers, and support on this incredible journey of an amazing man with an inspiring testimony of love and forgiveness in the face of adversity. Please consider helping us financially to ensure that Kamal will receive the treatment and care he needs. Every dollar will go a long ways and we need your help! Thank you for playing a role to help a brother in Christ complete God’s will for his life.

I look forward to seeing God’s hand at work during the next several weeks and months. Stay tuned…

– Josh Livingston, Pastor & Executive Director

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  1. Emilyhush

    I am thrilled for his progress & the new opportunities he will have in his life. This is such a wonderful witness to his people back home of the love of God’s family. Thank you to everyone involved. Even with helping just one person. What a blessing!!

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