June 1, 2012 WOE Staff

April Updates from the Field

Southern Kenya

Mobile Messengers reported, “A seminar at the Maasai Church went very well with education, people’s souls renewed, healed and delivered and 2 people gave their live to Christ.”  Mobile Messengers are working on a plan for greater spiritual growth of the Maasai people and their church.


Northern Kenya

Mobile Messengers distribute food to widows.

A Mobile Messenger reported, “In April we had water baptisms in many locations and in particular in Ephrahim we baptized 28 people in the river. It was fun. Many village people are coming to our church because they have seen the consistency we have in teaching the Word of God and baptizing new believers.”

Another Mobile Messenger distributed relief food to widows in his church.

Below: Three Mobile Messengers continuing Biblical studies from West Pokot Bible School.


In April, Mobile Messengers organized an outreach to approximately 600 children in Kigali teaching and sharing the love of Jesus Christ. (Picture above)

Mobile Messengers and Church leaders joined all Rwandans during genocide commemoration services to share how faith in Jesus Christ has played an important role in the healing and reconciliation process.

Two Mobile Messengers serving across the border in an area of current insecurity in the Eastern Congo, are ministering to many people with great response to the message of Jesus Christ.

Mobile Messengers were honored to help plant two new churches in Kabyiniro and Gafunzo.

Below: Road conditions in remote areas during current rainy season.  

South SudanMobile Messengers and church leaders continued Youth training and discipleship in Wiroh parish, they are planning their next training in Amadi, mid-May for seven days.They have trained over 100 youth and have begun to deploy them to work in new local churches they have planted.  More bicycles are needed.Mobile Messengers have been making HIV/AIDs awareness a focus of teaching and are giving support to the community of those infected in some of the areas they have reached.

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