November 23, 2016 Carrie Kintz

We Have So Much to Be Thankful For

As Thanksgiving looms, here at With Open Eyes we’ve been taking stock of all the amazing things the Lord has done in the past year. 2016 has been a difficult year for the world. From a contentious election to disasters worldwide, to hardships and persecutions for the church, it is easy to look at this year and feel exhausted and tired.

Yet, we are grateful that through challenges, difficulties, celebrations, and victories, Jesus has been with us. His name has been proclaimed throughout Africa as our brothers and sisters have planted churches and preached the gospel. We praise the name of the Lord for the mighty work He is doing in refugee camps through medicinal help, missionaries who visit, and the men and women who help their people through compassion, a listening ear, and ministry.

Here are just a few examples of those things mentioned above, and as you read them, will you pray for With Open Eyes and our Mobile Messengers? The work they do is difficult and often dangerous, and they need the support of brothers and sisters in the body of Jesus now more than ever. Please pray for the following:

  • A New Partnership in Eastern Kenya to help Somali refugees. There are currently hundreds of thousands of Somalis living in the region having fled their homeland over the past three decades. Many Somalis in Kenya and elsewhere are second and third generation. Due to the presence of Al Shabaab and and other radical fundamentalist elements, this is dangerous work. But we are grateful for the door the Lord has opened for us to equip new Mobile Messengers there.
  • A New Church plant in Uganda. Recently, Pastor Sosthen was approached by community leaders from the Latuka tribe, also from South Sudan. Having seen what God is doing, they asked Sosthen to come and begin a church work among their community in the camp. What a thrill it is to see the ministry expanding in places we would not have expected to be just a few years ago as people are coming to faith in Christ on a daily basis. Sosthen tells us in South Sudan it was a difficult task to find concentrations of people to share the gospel with. Now God has brought together thousands of his countrymen in one place to hear the good news.
  • Looking back on the Lord’s faithfulness in 2016. This year has been a fantastic year for With Open Eyes in which we’ve seen His goodness and faithfulness each and every day. Major strides have been made in our ability to provide Bible and leadership training for the Mobile Messengers God has given us with the addition to our Africa staff of Pastor Benson Mutisya as our training coordinator. Benson brings over 20 years experience in teaching and training pastors across Africa. God continues to send our way passionate indigenous pastors who simply need for us to come alongside them to help accelerate their Great Commission ministries.

Finally, we are grateful to you, brothers and sisters in the Lord. We’re thankful for how the Lord has provided for the work through the generosity and love of you who have prayed and given and encouraged our hearts in the work He has called us to. Our co-founder, Frank Harrison, also wanted to express his thanks through a short video, which you can view below.

Know that your generosity inspires us every day to do the work that the Lord has called us to do. We, like Paul, thank the Lord at the remembrance of you who tirelessly support the work of With Open Eyes and the men and women who are laboring in the Lord in Africa.

As you are with your families this week to celebrate Thanksgiving and the anticipation of the celebration of our Lord Jesus, we ask that you would pray for our Mobile Messengers and With Open Eyes partners. We also ask that you would prayerfully consider how you could come alongside With Open Eyes and the work happening to spread the gospel of Jesus through our Mobile Messengers.

As our friend Pastor Simon says, the work we do, the work we’re all about is the saving of souls. At the end of the day, we know there is no greater joy or privilege than to walk another soul into the kingdom of God and the body of Jesus Christ.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.