February 6, 2014 WOE Staff

Weekend Kenya Crusade

Pastor Simon Kariuki, WOE Board Member and Ministry Partner in Kenya, organized a weekend crusade including the presentation of the Jesus Film in the Ngengeka, Kenya community  this week. Several Kenyan Mobile Messengers from the region joined in the crusade.

Saturday the team of Mobile Messengers met to pray and everyone worshiped for some hours at Mobile Messenger Pastor Duncan’s Ngengeka Church before setting up in the town center.  The kids particularly enjoyed dancing and singing with the team.


“Sunday was a very spirit filled church service with much singing and praying.  One person, Patrick, accepted the Lord and others had spirits of confusion and fighting cast out.  I particularly enjoyed celebrating and blessing the offering as someone literally brought in their “first fruits” of a watermelon from their harvest.  It was a great reminder to all of us to give our first and best.  We continued into the late afternoon before heading back to Nairobi for dark.” – MacGregor Magruder, WOE friend on the ground in Africa


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