February 11, 2013 WOE Staff

WOE Team…In the Field Reports

February 20, 2013 – On to Northern Kenya!
Look at that Mobile Messenger go!
New church plant.  We had to go far off the beaten path to get here!  A widow gifted the home/land to use as the church. What an amazing pastor and group of people with a large vision for their area!
Literally this church was in the middle of the bush.  It’s amazing how the MM’s found these people.  The congregation has outgrown their tiny church.  What a spirit of unity we felt here!
Team visiting a new church plant near the river.  People came from every direction. God gave Garrett a powerful word for the group!
A Mobile Messenger’s bike….he shares it with other Mobile Messengers who don’t have a motorbike YET.  You can see it’s been well used!


February field visit- driving 3 hours into the bush for a baptism service. This is a portion of how far these people walk. Help us accelerate the message!
When life hands you lemons…make lemonade and when life hands you torrential downpours…make a dance party!
Rainy season in Rwanda doesn’t officially start until next Month, however we’ve seen our share of “Showers of Blessing”. For churches with no permanent structure and where people have walked a long way to worship it can be difficult. During one of these occurrences, we joined in with the people as they sang and danced through the rain. We then brought the message of HOPE and rejoiced as 5 came forward to make a personal relationship with Christ.
Today we visited a new church located 2 1/2 hours from Kigali, Rwanda. We were blessed to gather by the river to witness Mobile Messengers baptizing 61 new believers! What an amazing day!
Can you imagine being in your 90’s and walking over 2 hours to the river to be baptized? What a beautiful sight as this beautiful sister in the Lord waded into the river to be baptized. The joy on her face as she celebrated her baptism was priceless! What a difference MM’s are making in Rwanda!
“Today we went to a church plant 2 hours outside of Kigali, Rwanda where they had 31 baptisms! This is the mobile messengers bike sitting next to the church.” – WOE Team
Garrett preaching at the baptism service with a special message to children at the end.

First baptisms for the new church!!!


February 14, 2013
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

Yesterday was filled with meetings in and around Kigali and then we traveled approximately 20 miles to the Bugasera district to visit one of the many Genocide Memorial sites. This site was a former Catholic Church where many had fled to for safety, but instead lost their lives in a most brutal way. We walked among the piles upon piles of clothing and the remains of the men, women and children and listened as our guide, who often became choked up relived the horrific events that took place. Our hearts were heavy as we left the site, but we rejoice in knowing the GREAT Redeemer who gives RESTORATION, HOPE and brings HEALING to a land that has suffered so much hurt and destruction. We are so very thankful for the Mobile Messengers throughout Rwanda who are carrying this message of HOPE!

Today as we head out into the field, we rejoice and celebrate! We will travel to the south province, about 2 hours from Kigali, where we plan to visit a church that was planted 10 months ago and has grown to 150-200 in size. We will be joining the congregation as 30 of their new believers are baptized! What a joy and a privilege to be here to witness this act of obedience!! We plan to post pictures later today so stay tuned for more!


Day 6 in Ethiopia and so far we’ve been in a land cruiser for 40+hours traveling from mountain village to mountain village, ate minced sheep & goat with njera (spongy, sour bread), drank the best avocado & mango smoothies ever, witnessing a discipleship movement like we’ve never seen before, worst internet we’ve ever seen, getting addicted to the best macchiato’s in the world for only $.33, meeting the most committed and devout christians that will walk 18+ miles up a mountain to be discipled and wake up every morning at 4am to pray, and getting completely wrecked by the Lord for more. Heading to Rwanda in 2 days! – Garrett & Michelle

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