September 11, 2012 WOE Staff

Women’s Ministry Team Loving the Children of Namanga

The Women’s Ministry Team started off their first full day of ministry on Sunday with the children of Namanga Baptist Church and the community. They taught the children about the story of Noah and the great faith and obedience  he had by building an enormous ark in preparation for a flood, even though it had never rained on earth. They had costumes for the children to act out the story and pretend to go onto the ark, two by two! Check out the pictures below to see the fun and love of Jesus the team shared in the Namanga community.

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  1. Ron

    Jackie, Finally got to see a picture of you ( I am her husband). You look great and appropriately are “in Christ”. It looks like you, the team and especially the kids are having a wonderful time. It doesn’t appear to be as hot as everywhere else we have done this! I miss you and am praying for your back pain and the teams effective ministry. Love and miss you. Living life here, 7 hours ahead as I think about you. Love and Kisses.

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